Community Intermediate Care Centre (CITC)

What is this?

Community response and rehabilitation from hospital is all about local health and social care services working closely together to support older people. It can help people over 18 to regain their independence after an illness or a short stay in hospital. This service is normally for a short period of time until a person can function safely and independently in their home environment.
Community response and rehabilitation services aim to help older people to regain their independence by providing dedicated physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work and access to community nursing.

Who is it for?

The Community Intermediate Care Team supports you in your home to regain your independence after illness or a short stay in hospital, providing rehabilitation. The Community Intermediate Care Team will agree a rehabilitation programme with you so that when our service ends, you will need as little support as possible, or none at all.

The Community Intermediate Care Team will work with you to improve your independence with your everyday tasks. Whilst free, Intermediate Care services are time-limited, frequently for as little as one to two weeks or less, and up to six weeks.

Will I be charged?

You will not be charged for the service provided by the Community Intermediate Care Team. If you have on-going care needs a financial assessment may be required to determine what, if any, contribution may be made.

Referrals are accepted from professionals only, such as GP practices, hospital staff, community nursing and healthcare and social care, in order to ensure suitability for the service.

Further information

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