Financial support for Care Leavers

Swindon Borough Council (SBC) are able to support Care Leavers in a number of different ways. The amount of financial help we are able to offer depends on your age and whether you’re in education, employment or training or not.

Everything to do with your finances is written in your Pathway Plan. 

When do I become a Care Leaver?

A Care Leaver is someone who has either:

  • Been in care for at least 13 weeks between age 14 – 16 yrs (including your 16th birthday)
  • Been in care for a least 16 weeks after your 16th birthday

When you become a Care Leaver, you will work with the Positive Futures team who will advise and support you on your journey to adulthood.

What support am I entitled to?

Swindon’s Care Leavers aged 16-21 years could receive the following financial support.

This depends on your age, check with your Pathway Advisor (PA) to see what you are entitled to.

  • Birthday allowance of £50 per year
  • Christmas/festival allowance of £100 per year
  • Leaving Care Grant up to £2000
  • A provisional driving licence
  • Driving lessons up to the value of £500
  • Passport cost
  • Cost of birth certificate if needed
  • You may also receive up to £200 per year for leisure/cultural activities if there are no other funding options available.

Depending on the category you fall under, we can also offer support in applying for education/ apprenticeship bursaries, scholarships, student finance, and benefits. These are:

  • Age 16-17 and in education, training or employment
  • Age 16-17 and NOT in education, training and employment

Financial support for care leavers aged 16-17

  • Age 18-21 (or up to age 25- see page) and in education, training and/ or employment
  • Age 18-21 and NOT in education, employment and/ or training

Financial support for care leavers aged 18-25

If you are not sure if you qualify for support, you can ask your Pathway Advisor (PA).

What other support do the Positive Futures team offer?

We can also help you with:

  • Advice you need to learn to manage your money
  • Budgeting skills
  • Accessing your junior ISA (a set amount of money set aside by the government)
  • Accessing other savings, including money saved by your foster carers on your behalf
  • Opening a bank account
  • Getting your National Insurance number
  • Additional financial support if you need it in an emergency

Getting in touch

For more information or advice, please contact the Positive Futures Team on 01793 466715 or email

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