Care Leavers: out of area support

You may find that you do not live in Swindon while you are in care or become a Care Leaver. This is called being placed ‘out of area’. This may mean that you can’t access some of the support Swindon has to offer because you are too far away from Swindon. However, this does not mean that there isn’t any support for you.

As a young person living out of area you are entitled to:

  • The same support as every other Care Leaver
  • This includes a minimum of monthly contact. Contact is decided by you during conversations with your Pathway Advisor (PA). You can have as little or more much contact as you need.

Your PA will be able to help you find the best support for you no matter what area you are in. You should also be able to access some of the local offers given by other local authorities. Here is a helpful website to find out what is being offered to Care Leavers no matter which local authority you live in: Care Leaver Local Offer. Just search for the area or region you live in and this will allow you to access the local offer for Care Leavers near you. Your PA can also contact the leaving care team closest to where you live and ask about support you can access.

If you are interested in attending university the majority of universities have specific support for care leavers. Check out our ‘getting into university’ page or speak to your PA about researching what university support you might be able to get.

There are also services that you should be able to access because they are national services. These include (but are not limited to):

For general support

Know your rights and entitlements

For housing

For benefits

For young parents

For employment

For health, mental health and wellbeing