Care Leavers: What is a Pathway Advisor?

Your Pathway Advisor (PA) is someone who can help you on your path to adulthood and independence. They’re like Social Workers but their role is to support you in a slightly different way. They are there to offer you support, advice and guidance on your journey to adulthood and independence. This support is tailored you as every Care Leaver is special and different in their own ways.

You should start to be introduced to your PA from age 16. After this, your move to the Positive Futures Team will be discussed with you. We will make sure to work this transition around you and your needs especially if you have exams or other things going on in your life. By 18, your PA will be your main worker and most young people will no longer work with a Social Worker.

Your PA will help you to create your Pathway Plan. This is a plan of how you will reach whatever goals you have on your road to independence, for example, getting a job or applying for funding for University. They will then make sure the goals and targets made in the Pathway Plan are met while you work with them. Your Pathway Plan is updated every 6 months.

How often will I see my PA?

Each Care Leaver is different and will like to communicate with their PA differently. Your PA will work with you to find out the best ways to communicate with you. Your PA will see you in person at least once every 2 months but we would expect them to be in contact with you more often than that via email or phone, or a way that works for you. You can decide with your PA how often and in what way you would like to contact them in your Pathway Plan.

How long will I have PA?

You are entitled to a PA until you reach the age of 25. At 21, you can decide with your PA whether you would like to continue your support until 25 or if you would like to leave the service. Whatever your decision, you can always come back to us for support if you need it.

How can I contact my PA?

Your PA will give you their mobile telephone and email contact details so you can contact them in the best way for you. You can visit your PA at Clarence House, Euclid Street, Swindon. If you need to contact your PA and they are not available, you can contact the Positive Futures Team on 01793 466715 or email – there will always be a PA on hand to support you.