Routes to apprenticeships

There are several possible routes into apprenticeships, and here is a flowchart and summary of those routes below. More detailed information for each can be found on the relevant pages. There is also a pdf version of the routes to apprenticeships flowchart and summary.

Routes to apprenticeships flowchart

Supported internships

A structured study programme based with an employer, for young people aged 16 - 24 with special educational needs (SEN), or an education, health and care plan (EHCP). They are unpaid and last at least 6 months, but when possible they support the young person into paid employment and provide educational support opportunities if required, such as English and Maths. More information about supported internships

Kickstart Scheme

A government funded work scheme that provides 6 month long jobs for 16 - 24 year olds who are on Universal Credit. It pays the national minimum wage for 25 hours per week, and the employer can use funding to provide educational opportunities to boost your CV. More information about the Kickstart Scheme


A skills development programme that incorporates work experience with education and training for young people aged 16 - 24. While unpaid, they provide work preparation training, help to gain English and Maths qualifications if required, and work experience to move into an apprenticeship or employment. They can last between 6 weeks to up to a year, but most last less than 6 months. More information about traineeship opportunities


An apprenticeship is a combination of a real paid job and education, where the apprentice gets quality paid work experience and training with an employer, whilst also working towards a technical certificate and qualification. They pay at least the minimum wage for apprentices, and are for people of any age, from 16+, including young people leaving school entering the job market for the first time, existing employees looking to upskill, and for people looking for a career change. More information about apprenticeship opportunities