SPARK Developmental and Co-ordination Resources

Who is this pack for

This resource pack has been compiled for use in Primary Schools to help them identify children that have some difficulties with their developmental co-ordination and to provide them with some strategies that can be used immediately. The information can also be used by secondary schools, depending on the needs of the child.

For pre-school children there is an alternative resource called SPARKEY which all preschools should have access to.

Resource pack for Early Years Settings Spark(ey)

While the information in this pack is aimed at children with developmental co-ordination difficulties, careful note should be made of the precautionary measures which should be followed. Any activities used should be presented under the discretion of the school staff.

This information is very general and is not aimed specifically at the individual child. When a child is assessed by our service a report will be written which will include individual advice.

Please look at the Signs and Symptoms listed in section 2. If you recognise the specific difficulties listed as relevant for your child please refer to the sections recommended.

Referral process

For a full outline of the referral process please refer to the flow chart in Section 3.  You will also find a referral form in this section which needs to be completed when you wish to refer a child to the Paediatric Therapy Service.  It is important that the school implements the resources in this pack for one term prior to a referral into the Therapy service.  This will give a clearer presentation of the child’s main difficulties and may also reduce the need for further intervention.

Supplemental Information

The activity ideas listed throughout this resource pack are not exhaustive and can be supplemented with additional creative ideas and reading.  There is a further resource list for this purpose in Appendix 3.  The Paediatric Therapy service also runs regular training courses to supplement the information in this pack.  Please contact your local service for further information.

We hope that you will find this pack useful and that both you and the children have fun implementing the advice!

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