Speech and Language Therapy: Next Steps to Getting Help

This level of support is for children, young people and families that are experiencing chronic or severe difficulties that would benefit from extensive long-term evidence-based treatment, including outpatient and inpatient care.
Or for children, young people and families that haven’t benefited from short term interventions or have been ‘getting help’ but their difficulties have got worse.

Children who require long-term SALT intervention may include children who: 

  • have a particular plan of care after a head injury
  • have SALT as an element in their EHCP
  • have learning disabilities
  • have a cleft lip and / or palate
  • Have a sensorineural hearing loss 

SALT will work either 1:1 with a child or young person, in a group or as part of a wider MDT 

We have a specialist stammering clinic, offering individual and group work, including a residential group during school summer holidays for teenagers