Local support for keeping your child healthy

Dental care

Register your family for a dentist. If you are pregnant or have had a baby in the last year, use your MATB1 to apply for free NHS dental care.

All children over the age of one should be accessing a dentist.

Registering with a local dentist:

Video Resource

A HENRY video Growing up with Healthy teeth

For children with additional needs:

The Special Care Dental Service

The Special Care Dental Service provides a service for people with complex needs who are unable to access care at high street dentists.

This is a referral-only service and is staffed by a dedicated team of Dentists and Dental Care Professionals (DCPs) who have a special interest in treating patients with additional needs.

 Referrals are accepted for children who, because of their disabilities need dentistry in a special care setting. These may include:

  • Severely medically compromised
  • Learning disabilities
  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Severe physical disabilities
  • Children with repaired cleft lip/palate
  • Children under five years of age with extensive decay for whom treatment has proved unsuccessful
  • Looked after children and those under the Child Protection Plan

Referrals are accepted from:

  • General Dental Practitioners      
  • General Medical Practitioners
  • Any other health or social care professional



All children born in the UK are offered a hearing screen within the first 10 days of life. In the child’s red book (Personal Child Health Record) pg 27 you can find the results of this screen.

On Pages 25 & 26 of the Red book there are checklists for what your baby should hear at different ages and the sounds they should be making. If you have concerns about your baby’s hearing you can request a hearing test directly from Audiology at West Swindon Health Centre 01793 889420 or discuss your concerns with your Health Visitor. 

Your health visitor will work with other professionals to support you and your child.



On Page 24 of the Red book (Personal Child Health Record) you will find a checklist about your child’s vision. If you have a concern about your child’s vision and they are over the age of 3yrs old you can take them for a vision test at the opticians. If your child is under the age of 3 years old please speak to your Health Visitor or GP.