Parental support


If you or your partner smokes in pregnancy and would like support in quitting, please speak to your midwife. Most GP practices and pharmacies also offer services on stopping smoking, during or after your baby’s birth. If you or your partner smoke, your baby will be exposed to second-hand smoke, which harms their health in a number of ways including increasing the risk of sudden infant death. It is important to try to limit their exposure to second-hand smoke – there are a number of steps you can take to do this, including going outside to smoke, wearing a jacket, and washing your hands afterwards. It is important to note that it is illegal to smoke in a vehicle with children present. 

Drugs and Alcohol

Speak to your midwife or GP, if you would like help with your drug and alcohol intake. You can also contact Impact substance misuse treatment service provided by Turning Point or visit their website with advice and guidance.   


Parental Mental health

Your Health visitor can provide some early support and put you in touch with organisations to support you with your mental health. You can also find support through;

Lift Psychology offers 1:1 counselling or groups