Short breaks for disabled children – social care

Children with disabilities and their families may be able to access short break services through the Disabled Children's Team.

Short breaks give parents and carers a break from their caring responsibilities, to ensure they can continue to provide a high level of care to their children within their family. Short breaks can also provide children with disabilities with opportunities to integrate into the community, broaden their life experiences, make new friends and engage in a range of different activities.  

How to access short break services through social care

Children receiving Social Work support from the Disabled Children’s Team will:

If a child meets this criteria families and professionals can make a referral to the the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub. If it is agreed a child meets the above criteria a statutory assessment will be completed by a social worker. This would identify if there is an assessed need for short break services and how this need will be met. 

Short break services that may be available: 

Overnight Short Breaks - Home from Home

The Home from Home scheme is designed to support parents and carers by providing an overnight short break from the complex demands of caring for a child with disabilities, enabling the child to continue living at home with their family. 

Children spend time with an approved Home from Home foster carer in the foster carer’s home. This might be for a few hours, or one or two nights a month. The amount of hours or nights will be determined by the assessed need within the child’s statutory assessment. Parents can relax in the knowledge that their child is being looked after well and is also being given the opportunity to build valuable relationships with other people in a secure and friendly environment.

Direct Payment

A Direct Payment is a payment made to a family or young person. It allows a family and/or young person to have choice and control of the services they receive. Funds can be used to recruit a support worker or to purchase short breaks depending on the need that has been identified.

Direct Payments