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Meet the SEND Service

The SEND Statutory Service is currently experiencing a high volume of calls, in addition to this there is a high level of sickness within the Delivery Support Team and these are the staff who manage the ‘SEND Front Door’.  This means that with immediate effect and for a period of at least the next ten working days that all calls will be diverted to the Council’s main switchboard. Calls will automatically transfer so you do not need to ring a different number. All calls will then be sent into the SEND Service who will triage response times. We will aim to respond at the earliest opportunity and thank you for your patience during this time.

The SEND Statutory Service is working with limited capacity.  To speak to an officer, please call 01793 464641 and we will answer your query in 48 – 96 hours.

Lines are open Monday-Thursday 8-5pm and on Friday 8-4:30pm. You can also email us at SENDService@swindon.gov.uk.

SEND Statutory Service

As many of you know the SEND Statutory Service has two main functions – to complete statutory needs assessments for children & young people where it has been agreed that they have met both parts of the legal test; and to complete the annual review processes for EHCPs.

Previously both functions were managed across the teams with officers having a mixed caseload, this often caused difficulties with competing pressures.

In order to address this and to ensure full compliance with both aspects of the team’s work we have re-designed our delivery model into three parts:

  • An Assessment Hub - where Officers will have a caseload where assessments have been requested/agreed and this hub will manage all requests across the borough from day one to twenty weeks;
  • Three Reviewing Hubs - who will manage the processing of Annual Reviews to ensure compliance with time scales, the Reviewing Hubs are split into three – North & South, managing cases for children and young people aged 0-14;
  • A Preparing for Adulthood Team - who managed all cases across the borough for children and young people aged 14+.

We believe that this model will see an improved service for our children, young people and their families however as with any changes there will be some teething issues but we will work with these as and when they arise.

The SEND Statutory Service Structure October 2021 (Pdf)

SEND Service staff and profiles

The SEND Team have their own "all about me" which is an opportunity to get to know more about the officers in the team.

Interim Head of SEND

Lisa Savage

Interim Head of SEND
Lisa's profile

Statutory SEND Service Team Manager

Caroline Bell

Statutory SEND Service Manager:
Caroline's profile

Statutory SEND Service - Assessment Team

Ben Stone 

Statutory Services Team Leader
Ben's Profile

Gemma Hammond

EHCP Co-ordinator
Gemma's profile

Melinda Samsome

EHCP Co-ordinator
Melinda's Profile

Ros Hawkins

EHCP Co-ordinator
Ros's profile

Becky Whelan

EHCP Co-ordinator
Becky's profile

Annabel Titcombe, 

Delivery Support Officer
Annabel's profile

Statutory SEND Service - Review Team (North)

Roxanne Lucas

Statutory Services Team Leader (maternity leave)
Rox's profile

Emily Varney 

EHCP Co-ordinator
Emily's profile

Jorge Betteridge

EHCP Co-ordinator
Jorge's profile

Megan Jones

EHCP Co-ordinator
Megan's profile

Kim Pooley

Interim EHCP Co-ordinator
Kim's profile


Delivery Support Officer (maternity cover)

Statutory SEND Service - Review Team (South)

Keri Niblett

Statutory Services Team Leader
Kerri's profile

Amie Taylor 

EHCP Co-ordinator
Amie's profile

Beth McKitterick

EHCP Co-ordinator
Beth's profile

Lauren Southgate 

EHCP Co-ordinator
Lauren's profile

Emma Skudlarz

EHCP Co-ordinator
Emma's profile

Lorraine Frederick (agency)

EHCP Co-ordinator
Lorraine's profile

Tom Hodgman

Delivery Support Officer
Tom's profile

Statutory SEND Service - Preparing for Adult Life (PfA)

Marny Jessop

Statutory Services Team Leader
Marny's profile

Neil Marshall 

EHCP Co-ordinator
Neil's profile

Chloe Barratt

EHCP Co-ordinator
Chloe's profile

Melanie James 

EHCP Co-ordinator
Melanie's profile

Debbie Garraway

EHCP Co-ordinator
Debbie's profile


Delivery Support Officer

SEND Tribunal Officer

Letizia Franco

SEND Tribunal Officer
Letizia's profile

Interim SEND Operations Manager/Delivery and Systems Team Leader

Andrew Orr

Interim SEND Operations Manager/Delivery and Systems Team Leader
Andrew Orr's profile

Workforce Development & Local Offer

Rachel Mann

SEND Inclusion and Training Officer
Rachel's profile

Andrew Myrie 

Local Offer Development Officer
Andrew Myrie's profile


SEN Travel Advisor

Quality Assurance and Finance

Hannah Geddert

Quality Assurance Senior Officer
Hannah's profile

Sarah Tkaczyk

SEND Finance and Personal Budgets Officer
Sarah's profile

Morgan-Ly Culley

SEND Apprentice
Morgan's profile


SEND Finance and Personal Budgets Officer

Policy and Performance Officer

Education Transport

Roger Haworth

Team Leader
Roger's profile coming soon

Pauline Shepherd

Education Transport Co-ordinator
Pauline's profile coming soon

Margaret Revere

Transport Assistant
Margaret's profile coming soon

Passenger Assistants

Angela Bilotta

Team Leader
Angela's profile coming soon

Pamela Eddy

Passenger Assistant Coordinators
Pamela's profile coming soon

Kevin Grimwood

Passenger Assistant Coordinators
Kevin's profile coming soon

Yvonne Mundy

Passenger Assistant Coordinators
Kevin's profile coming soon

Social Care, Ad-Hoc & Emergency Transport

Suzanna Wozniak

Team Leader
Suzanna's profile coming soon

Angela Harrison

Ad-hoc Transport Coordinators
Angela's profile coming soon

Justine Doidge

Ad-hoc Transport Coordinators
Justine's profile coming soon

Advisory Teachers

Jo Clarke

Advisory Teacher for Assistive Technology
Jo's profile

Clare Brewster

Advisory Teacher for pupils with Physical Disabilities and Complex Health Needs 
Claire's profile

Katie Hewlett

Advisory Teacher for Visual Impairment
Katie's profile

Jacqui Styles

Admin assistant to VSS, AT and PD
Jacqui's profile

Help us to help you – SENCo Guide

The majority of questions received via the SEND Service Front Door have the answers on the Local Offer. Please look on the Swindon Local Offer - FAQ SEND - Menu page for a wealth of information on SEND, including the Help us to help you – SENCo Guide FAQ's.

Page updated: 13/01/2022

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