Steps to Health exercise referral programme

Our Steps to Health programme is an exercise referral programme to promote better health through physical activity and is designed to support individuals who require more specialist support and assistance in a group setting. The Steps to Health programme provides targeted, condition-specific exercises through a range of gym-based sessions and exercise programmes for the management or prevention of many medical conditions.

Cost: Free consultation. Reduced rate per session (pay as you go)

GP or Health Care Professional referral only

Once you have been referred a member of the Steps to Health (STH) team will contact you to discuss the referral programme and then book you in for your initial consultation. The STH specialist instructors will take some basic information and then discuss what you hope to achieve from taking part in the programme, any previous experience you have had when trying to be active, what your likes and dislikes are regarding activity, any concerns that you may have.  You will also be given the opportunity to take part in our Digital Behaviour Change Programme which allows the team to help keep you motivated for up to one year using a series of evidence based emails giving lifestyle advice as well as hints and tips to help you keep on track.

We offer a number of specialist programmes within the Steps to Health Programme and these include:


As you progress through your programme you will gradually start to increase your activity levels, improve your fitness and increase your confidence to maintain these lifestyle changes after you finish the programme.

You will have reviews at different stages of your programme which will allow changes to be made where necessary so that you can achieve your goals.

Sessions are held in various locations across Swindon.