Bluebird Care Swindon

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Bluebird Care Swindon

Service details

For many people the questions about care don't arise until suddenly there is a need. Most people think there is a stark choice between living self-sufficiently, without care, or going to a resedential home.
Bluebird Care has a solution which allows our customers to live full, interesting lives within the comfort of their own home and with the safety and peace of mind of their own front door.


Call and talk to one of our friendly professional team

Main telephone

01793 698033


The page was last updated on 20 September 2019

Service summary

Providing good old fashioned service to people who wish to stay in the home they love.

Further information

As a guideline, some of the services we provide include; Help with getting up or going to bed Preparing of meals Trips to see friends, relatives Sight seeing or liesure activities Shopping Washing and ironing Personal Hygiene Cleaning the home Assist with meds Overnight care Live-in Care

We provide care for everyone. People who have learning disabilities, short term resoite and post operative support and of course care for older people, all are able to recieve specialist and proffessional care. our care plan will be tailor-made for you. \we will talk to you about just what you want and respect your wishes throughout.

Client groups

We provide care for everyone; Should you wish to talk to one of our friendly proffessional team please do not hesitate in giving us a calll on 01793 698033

Main address

Park House
Church Place