Helen & Douglas House: hospice care

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Helen & Douglas House: hospice care

Service details

If you are a young person with a life-shortening condition or a parent/carer, we are able to support you through expert care delivered in a dedicated environment (in Oxford) or within your local community (in partnership with other health professionals).  Through the underpinning of expert care, we aim to enable an enhanced quality of life wherever possible.  


No charge is made from your own money, however we do seek a contribution from public sector monies, including those allocated via a Personal Budget.

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The page was last updated on 28 September 2019

Service summary

Hospice care for children and young adults (0-35 years). Care is provided in-house (Oxford) and also in your local community, supporting other health professionals.

Further information

We provide specialist hospice care for children and young adults who are seriously and terminally ill.  We also provide support for the wider family.
We shape the care we offer around the needs of each individual, and aim to provide continuity, quality and safety in an environment appropriate to the young people and families we look after.

We provide medically-supported respite at the hospice and seek to enable a quality of life in line with individuals' capabilities and desires.  We also offer highly specialist care for complex and developing conditions, including at end of life.

Main address

14A Magdalen Road